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The Zotz
The Zotz Logo.jpg
Background Information




Punk, Garage Rock

Years Active

2015 - Present


Bobby Noxious - Guitar and Vocals
Shawn LeZotz - Drums
Toby Stone - Bass

Past Members

Matthew Moran


The Zotz's are an original punk/pop rock band from Detroit. Formed in Spring 2015 as a 2-piece band, guitar, vocals and drums. After a few months of playing, Bobby and Shawn decided to complete the sound by adding a bass player. Within a few days of searching they found the perfect fit. Adding Matthew Moran to the group and coming together to create a unique sound reminiscent of the 70's old school punk with hooks and relatable originals songs based on life experiences. The Zotz are a refreshing unique, but surprisingly familiar sound that will make you want to bop your head, tap your foot, shake your fist in the air, and smile, laugh, sing along and dance. In November 2016 Toby Stone joined the band replacing Matthew.


Bobby Noxious

Bobby Noxious.jpg

Bobby has been in the Detroit Music scene for many years. The original singer/songwriter/creator and bass in the Detroit legendary band The Bomb Pops for 9 plus years, Singer/songwriter/bass for 12 years in Manic's Rage, and is also the current bass player for the Detroit Punk Legend The Farleys for the past 3 years, and recently playing bass for original rock band R.U.I. With his experience, creativity, and talents, The Zotz is Bobby's first band playing lead guitar, singing and writing the songs. He is the heart and soul of The Zotz.


Shawn LeZotz

Shawn LeZotz.jpg

Shawn is a hard hitting female drummer. She has been playing drums for 9 years. Began her experience as original and founding member of Detroit's All Girl Ramones tribute band Whoremones, 2015 Detroit Music Award winner for Outstanding Tribute, for 2 years (first year named Loudmouth Baby). From there moved on to the dream of playing original music, and is now the drummer with The Zotz.


Toby Stone

Toby Stone.jpg

Toby Stone joined The Zotz in November 2016. Toby is a great bass player and a total musician. Bobby and Shawn are excited to have him on the team.



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