Zoos of Berlin

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Zoos of Berlin
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Background Information




Indie Rock, Electronic, Pop

Years Active

2005 - Present

Record Label

Time No Place


Trevor Naud – vocals, guitar
Daniel I. ClarK – vocals, bass
Collin Dupuis – drums
Will Yates – keyboards


Zoos of Berlin has become more than just a local pop outfit. Being compared to the style of pop music sensations Brian Eno and David Bowie, Zoos of Berlin offer listeners sophisticated and unconventional pop music that stray from the genre but never actually break its hold. Airy, charming, and unlike anything you’ve ever heard emerge from any scene, the band incorporates hand picked pop elements from some of the most influential artists in the genre and adds their own spin to it.

Zoos of Berlin was formed in 2005 by guitarist and vocalist Trevor Naud and bassist and vocalist Daniel E. Clark; both are veterans of the Detroit music scene, having played together in the upbeat pop combo Red Shirt Brigade, while Naud has also worked with Pas/Cal and Hidden Ghost Balloon Ship. Eager to step out on their own, Naud and Clark teamed up with drummer Collin Dupuis, a musician and recording engineer who has worked with techno legend Carl Craig. During the group's first few years, additional musicians drifted in and out of the lineup, but with the addition of Will Yates (of the Pop Project and the Javelins) on keyboards, Zoos of Berlin discovered the right formula and began making a name for themselves.


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