Wolf And The Crane

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The Wolf And The Crane
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Background Information





Years Active

2016 -Present


Jibs Brown - Vocals
Wolf - bass
Daniel Romberger - trombone
William Cyprian - sax
Ryan Meadows - guitar
Nick St. Onge - guitar
Katelynn Coril - Drums
Leah French - Vocals


Wolf And The Crane takes R&B to a new level.To see them live, you can tell the Band is having a blast on stage playing music they love. From their original music to covers by Wilson Pickett, Booker T. & the M.G.'s., Eddie Floyd or just about anything in the Stax Records catalog, the feeling is infectious and the audience clings to each note.

Wolf And The Crane is made up of some of the most talented musicians in the Detroit Area, including Katelynn Coril - Blood and Wine, Nick St. Onge, Wolf - The Infatuations and The Lows, Jibs Brown - Jibs Brown and the Jambros, Daniel Romberger, and William Cyprian - Will C and the Motor City Groove and Ryan Meadows formerly of Nina & The Buffalo Riders.

Wolf And The Crane


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