Walking Into Traffic

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Walking Into Traffic
Walking Into Traffic logo.jpg
Background Information


Sterling Heights


Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

Years Active

2011 - Present



Current Members

Matt Lemanski - Guitar, Vocals
Scott Andriano-Blevins - Bass, Vocals
Mike Ruffino - Guitar, Vocals
Ryan Friel - Drums, Vocals

Past Members

Dan Panknin, Nick Iwankovitsch


Walking Into Traffic started in about July of 2011 and originated with the name "Unknown." At that time, they were composed of five members: Scott Andriano-Blevins on bass, Mike Ruffino on lead guitar, Dan Panknin on rhythm guitar, Matt Lemanski on drums, and Nick Iwankovitsch on vocals. They let Nick go, changed their name to Walking Into Traffic, and continued on as a 4-piece for a while. It wasn't long before they got our first official show; playing at half time for the Bath City Roller Girls for their derby at the Gibralter Trade Center. They had David Michon from No Way Out sing with them at that show. As time passed, they got rid of the rhythm guitar position, and released Dan. Eventually Matt Lemanski switched from drums to guitar and they added Ryan Friel on drums. Thus, the current Walking Into Traffic line-up was formed. From there, they continue playing shows from concert theaters to basements.


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