Ultimate Ovation

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Ultimate Ovation
Ultimate Ovation1.jpg
Ultimate Ovation in the early 1970's
Background Information


Virginia Park, Detroit


R&B, Soul

Years Active

1967 -present


Aquarius, Ultimate 1999, Eleganza


Keith Collins
Marvin Gardner
Damon Gardner

Backing Band

The Force of Power Band


Meeting in school, right before the 1967 riot and inspired by the sounds of the day, Keith Collins hooked up with brothers Marvin and Damon Gardner. Keith recalls we were about 14 when we officially formed the Ovation When Keith found out Damon could sing, really sing! The trio got together bumped heads, and have been together ever since.

They've had their ups and downs like any group. Broken up and come back together. But they haven't given up. Along the way, the trio has done everything from leaping out of nightclub balconies wearing homemade capes and crash helmets to spearheading a long list of community projects.

The 45's Ultimate Ovation released in the 1970's are now highly collectible including the soul-stomper "Chameleon Man."


  • Ultimate Ovation 2017
  • Ultimate Ovation w/The Force of Power Band
  • Ultimate Ovation wearing homemade capes and crash helmets


CD's/Digital downloads:


  • Christmas Is Like My Birthday (2011) iTunes
  • Stump the World Mix 3 (2009) iTunes
  • It's The Weekend / Girl, You're All I Want 45 rpm (2007) Eleganza Records ‎– Z - 001
  • If Living This Way Ultimate Ovation With Ali & Aaliyah 45 rpm (1981) Ultimate 1999 ‎– A 1006-A.L.I.
  • Black / Showdown 45 rpm (1979) Ultimate 1999 ‎– 0004
  • Mountain Of Love / Come To The Front 45 rpm (1978) Ultimate 1999 ‎– 0003
  • Mountain Of Love / Deep Down In My Heart 45 rpm (1977) Ultimate 1999 ‎– 0002
  • Hello Baby / Chameleon Man 45 rpm (1975) Aquarius Record - A 0004
  • Hello Baby / Chameleon Man 45 rpm (1974) Ultimate 1999 ‎– 0001


  • Holiday Hootenanny (2007) Track It's Christmas iTunes


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