Toe Cutter

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Toe Cutter
Background Information




Heavy Fuzz Rock

Years Active

2018 - Present


Robert Buddha Vukson - Drums
Chris Corradi - Guitar
Rob Cedar - Bass
Mike Roberts - Vocals


Toe Cutter L-R
Mike Roberts, Robert Buddha Vukson, Chris Corradi, Rob Cedar

Toe Cutter is a self proclaimed Heavy Fuzz Rock band that started in early 2018. Since forming they have done shows at Zeke’s BBQ in Ferndale, Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, and Smalls, Kelly's, and Sanctuary in Hamtramck

Rob Cedar currently plays bass for Karmic Lava & Toe Cutter, former bass play for Unidentified Drunken Injury or known as UDI.
Bob Buddha Vukson is former drummer for Uglyhead, Fondle, and Busby’s Death Chair, Bob also played drums for Monolith and Pure Bastard Extract also known as PBE.
Chris Corradi is former guitarist for Negative Conductor, Monitor, and Mercury Son. Mike Roberts is former vocalist for Moving Monsters.


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