Tequila Mockingbirds

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The Tequila Mockingbirds
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The Duo with the Heart, Soul and Sound of a Full Band
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Classic Rock, Pop Rock, Motown

Years Active

2009 - Present




Mark Fernandez - Vocals, Keyboards, Keytar, Sax, Flute
Tim Spoehr - Vocals, Acoustic/Electric Guitar, Lighting Guru


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Two old friends from Wayne State University are reunited by a chance collision in CyberSpace. The rest is history...

The Tequila Mockingbirds From L-R: Mark Fernandez, Tim Spoehr

The Tequila Mockingbirds are comprised of Mark Fernandez and Tim Spoehr.

Mark is a Westland resident and retired band director from Romulus Community schools. To help the "Birds" achieve their "full band" sound, he creates all their backing tracks and arrangements in his home studio. All backing tracks are performed by Mark from scratch using no sampling, pre-fabbed drum tracks or karaoke tricks.

Mark plays keyboards, keytar, sax, and flute as well as handling half the vocal duties.

Mark has been the leader and musical director of several popular area bands over the years, such as The Chance, Channel Six, Party of 3, and Rustbelt Revival.

Tim is originally from Flat Rock and currently resides with his wife in Trenton.

After graduating from Wayne State, Tim was a the Technical Director of Monroe Community College's Meyer Theater for several years before retiring.

Tim plays acoustic and electric guitar and provides the other half of the vocal duties.

He was a long time member of one of downriver area's premier all occasion band's - Lavender.

The Mockingbirds play a wide variety of classic and current pop, rock, and motown hits. Their large repertoire and years of experience enable them to tailor the music to fit any mood, from a laid back listening evening to a rockin' bar party!

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