Summer Like The Season

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Summer Like The Season
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Indie Electronic, Art Rock, Bizzaro Pop

Years Active

2014 - Present

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Summer Krinsky - Drums, Vocals
Scott Murphy - Electronics, Keys
Tasha Peace - Guitar, Vocals
Sam Naples - Bass


Summer Like The Season From L-R: Sam Naples, Tasha Peace, Scott Murphy, Summer Krinsky

Summer Like The Season is an indie electronic/art rock project based out of Detroit, MI. Summer Like the Season started as a solo project of Summer Krinsky in 2014 where she would write, record, produce and mix everything herself.

A classically trained pianist from early childhood and have been playing guitar/bass while recording and mixing her own music since she was twelve, Summer's always felt that mixing music is like mixing paints, the outline of an image is what gives it distinction but the colors and shading is what gives it nuance. From an early age having control of the mix was a crucial part of realizing the textures in her music. The only element she could never quite control were the drums, it was the one aspect that held her back from having power in her own sound. Drums are loud, bold and unapologetic, traits she felt necessary to embrace in every aspect. She began practicing with an ardent dedication reflecting on the importance of the autonomy she felt drumming gave her.

On this path she was lucky enough to meet Tasha, Scott and Sam who are incredibly talented and passionate about crafting an amazing live band. together.


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