Stories Untold

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Stories Untold
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Background Information


St. Clair


Alt Rock, Indie

Years Active

2015 - Present


Kevin Quednau - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Jake Clark - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Tim Williams - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Brennen Moloney - Drums



Stories Untold is four guys writing songs that mean everything to them. An Alt Rock, Indie band they grew up together in the small town of Saint Clair, MI. Without much to do, they spent their time playing video games, talking about their favorite bands, and eventually writing music together. Every time they write music and perform live, they push themselves beyond what they were previously capable of. Their "don't hold anything back" mentality has led them to produce and perform our music across the United States and form meaningful connections with countless people.

Their debut LP, ‘Can't Go Home’, was written and recorded with love using every spare minute they had while working and going to college. They also used just about every spare dollar (and penny) they could scrounge up in order to fund the album and music videos.

The album has allowed them to capture how they felt in a period of time when their lives were more twisted up than they had ever been and they clung to the belief that the best was yet to come.

Stories Untold L-R
Brennen Moloney, Jake Clark, Kevin Quednau, Tim Williams


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