Steve Taylor Three

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Steve Taylor Three
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Background Information


Lake Orion


Americana, Country, Rock

Years Active

2009 - Present


Steve Taylor - guitar, vocals, harmonica
Bryan Frink - bass, vocals
Carey Weaver - drums, vocals


From the The Front Porch website

As a band, the Americana trio The Steve Taylor Three, wasn’t necessarily born. Rather, it can be said that it evolved into the performing and songwriting trio it is today. The front man and namesake of the group, Steve Taylor (guitar, vocals, harmonica), began playing solo acoustic shows almost a decade ago in pubs and watering holes all over southeast Michigan as an aside to his already prolific music career. In 2009 – maybe for support or possibly due to musical boredom – two of Steve’s long-time friends, Bryan Frink (bass, vocals) and Carey Weaver (drums, vocals), began showing up unannounced to his solo gigs and setting up behind him – during the show. Old friends became a new band. They released their debut album “Check Your Baggage” in 2014. The three musicians weave emotion, reflections of life and family, and vast experience into songs that would be a great soundtrack for a long drive across the country. Roll the windows down, put the setting sun in your rearview mirror, and press play. In the tradition of the American singer/songwriter, the album “Check Your Baggage” mixes the DNA of rock, classic country, bluegrass, and blues. The Steve Taylor Three have performed all over Michigan and traveled to Nashville to perform and record. Recently, the group recorded new material at the historic Sun Studios in Memphis, Tennessee.


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