Southfield Jazz Orchestra

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Southfield Jazz Orchestra
Background Information




Big Band Jazz

Years Active

2010 - Present


Kevin Lacy, Eric Rayford


The Southfield Jazz Orchestra was formed in 2010, when Kerry Lacy who plays the bass, had a full-time Day job couldn’t find an outlet to further his musical growth — there weren’t really places for part-time musicians to grow and he kept longing for a place to grow his skills. He connected with Eric Rayford who played the saxophone with a group in Milford.

Southfield Jazz Orchestra w/Barbara Ware

Together they formed the 18-piece Big Band group giving members an escape from their day jobs and the overall stress of the day. As the band came together, they enlisted noted local talent in George Benson and Barbara Ware to serve as musician-in-residence and vocal artist-in-residence. They're not trying to be a gigging band. They just try to be a developmental group where people can come and have fun. They gather a few times a month for a few hours at a time and also play at a few cities Summer Concert in the Parks.


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