Shady Groves

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Shady Groves
Shady Groves Logo.jpg
Background Information


Auburn Hills


indie, pop, folk, ambient, rock

Years active

2015 - Present


Adam Fitzgerald
Dylan Caron
Jamie Dulin
Colton Caron
Sage Denam

Past Members

Jeff Yateman


Shady Groves is a collective of Michigan based singer/songwriters and multi- instrumentalists founded in 2015 by Adam Fitzgerald, Dylan Caron & Jeff Yateman. The band jumps around the genre pool, as the project is collaborative. In the live band the three songwriters shared vocal duties while Yateman played drums, D. Caron & Fitzgerald the guitars. The three songwriters added Jamie Dulin to their line-up to play bass and saxophone and Colton Caron to play synth and keys.
In August of 2016 the band parted ways amicably with Jeff Yateman. The second album by Shady Groves’ is scheduled to be released in 2017.

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“Michigan based collective Shady Groves is brimming with talent and versatility. Their lofty, drifting sound sends listeners to tranquil mindsets as their ambient, indie, folk style meets somewhere in the middle with pop and rock genres. A group of multi-instrumentalists and songwriters, Shady Groves use their individual talents to inject variety into their collective songs, and their cohesion as a group is seamless even with so many cooks in the kitchen. Coming together in 2015, Shady Groves has more recently released their 12 track album Bitzer which has been well received for its outstanding lyrics and musicianship. The album features eye-catching and textured visuals from Connor Irwin who has done all of the artwork for the group. Shady Groves’ music sounds like the lovechild of chill wave and psychedelic rock and is perfect for just kind of getting lost in the music and lyrics.” Playground Detroit

"Harmony-heavy, vocal-centric, ukulele-utilizing folk-pop, with tones as smooth as honey and cooing guitars (sounds like slide-guitar, almost) shearing in softly like the morning's first sunrays, but really, this is like anytime-o'-day music, kinda laid back and exquisite in its own way. It’s rare to find pure pop so interestingly re-shaped, re-molded and finessed into a charming new form of its own."
Jeff Milo of Deep Cutz / Detroit Free Press / Oakland Press

“Shady Groves’ collaborative approach makes for a rather interesting and alluring album, which has a lovely flow to it yet is distinct from track to track. It is actually possible to point out who might have written which song, because there are some more cinematic, some more dreamy indie pop and some more experimental tracks on the album.”<are in preparations to release Shady Groves’ second album in 2017 GlamGlare

“Dreamy mash of echoing vocals, modest drums, and haunting harmonies. The guitar is subtle yet powerful, creating a warm space within the song that wraps your mind in nostalgia. This sound is open and airy, with an emptiness that complements their earthy and reflective sound. If you’re ready to fall into a trippy, dream sequence, then Shady Groves’ new release, Bitzer, will take you there. The vocals cut through fuzzy, psychedelic guitar and rhythmic drums. Each track is superb in its delivery, jumping from psychedelic rock to new wave jazz and beyond. The synth adds a nice neo-psychedelic touch and stacks another layer onto the already full sound they’ve created. The entire album feels like an adventure; road tripping through the creative process and uncovering pop/rock surprises along the way. This release is great for all occasions and we know you’ll enjoy listening to Bitzer straight through."” CW Detroit

“Shady Groves could fill a long standing void in the Detroit pop patchwork. ‘Plain Dream’ oozes the lush harmonies and textural atmospheric tendencies of Fleet Foxes and sometimes reflective of Band of Horses… thoughtfully arranged in a way that gives the aural illusion of travel. Shady Groves seems like a resurgence of a genre that has inherently had very little presence here in Detroit… the ambient indie pop rock scene from seven-nine years ago fizzled out quietly and, well, I sort of miss it.”


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