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Sanctuary Detroit
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Background Information






Maxxwell Lange


2932 Caniff St
Hamtrack, MI 48216




Open only during shows
generally opening about an hour prior to the show start



The Sanctuary Detroit is a non-profit organization focused around providing a welcoming and safe environment for everyone to view a variety of events from live music, movie screenings, charity events, dance parties, art shows and much more.

The early stages of what would become the Sanctuary came from something as small as house shows, after years of going house to house (Halfway House & Yonka House) between 2012-2014 hosting over 400 shows for artists such as Weekend Nachos, The Mongoloids, The Banner, Homewrecker, Discourse, Abigail Williams, Jucifer and way more, they finally stepped our game up and located a real space.

The building was built in the 1940’s and was originally a bar, before being bought out by a religious group and eventually turned into a “storefront church”. It remained open for many years, during which time it switched up owners and denominations. After awhile, it became vacant and sat waiting for someone to find some type of use.

Around July of 2014 They scouted the building as it was only a mile from their current house, the size, and setup was ideal for what they were looking to do. It was a fixer upper. After months of planning, saving and negotiations with the owners, a deal was finally struck, papers were signed in mid November which was great timing as the lease for the house they were at was just ending. After replacing 70% of the flooring, fixing the ceiling, updates to the heating, upgrading the bathrooms, and many more projects, The official grand opening was on December 12th, 2014.

In May of 2018 Sanctuary Detroit moved to 932 Caniff St. in Hamtramck, taking over the building that was once Paychecks Lounge

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