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The Ruiners
The Runiers.jpg
Background Information




Rock, Punk

Years Active

1997 - Present


New Fortune Records, Pravda Records, Funky D Records


Rick "Ruiner" Lappin - Lead Vocals
Nina Friday - Backup Vocals
Justin Hall - Guitar
Nick "Ruiner" Marocco - Drums
Liz Ruiner - Bass Guitar

Past Members

Rob Moon


The Ruiners have always been known for their fun, if not chaotic live shows that sometimes include fire, props such as motorcycles, coffins and girls jumping onstage just to add some eye candy.

“Originally The Ruiners was a two piece band out of Lincoln Park,” “It all started when I ran into high school friend Rob Moon, while working at Chrysler. We wanted to do something primitive. He played drums, I sang and "played" guitar lead singer Rick Ruiner said. We eventually inherited a full band, because there were so many people partying, sleeping and jamming at that house people would just sit in and become members. At last count there have been over 23 members in this band. The full line ups never quite changed at once. It's more like 2-3 members leaving/disappearing at the same time (usually after a tour) and the remaining members grafting new people on.”

In 2015 the were the 2015 Detroit Music Award winner for Outstanding Punk, Alternative, Indy Band and also were multiple award winners and nominees at the 2013, 2014 Detroit Music Awards (Best Live Act & Best Video under $10,000, 2013).


CD's/Digital downloads:


Motor City Special Volume 5 ‎ (2005) song "Names" Get a Beer, Twister Info on Discogs


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