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Background Information


Ann Arbor


Blues, Jazz, Bluegrass, Celtic, Reggae, Country, Hip-hop

Years Active

2003 - Present

Record Labels

Oddfellow Records, Rootstand Records

Current Members

Brant Losinski - Vocals, Guitar
Tim Sheldon - Banjo
Chad Sturdivant - Drums
Paul Lippens - Vocals, Mandolin
Corey Planck - Bass

Past Members

John Snyder, Chad Gritz, Troy Radikin, Matt Pernar, Rich Delcamp, Randall Moore, Erin Zindle, Doug Albright, Brennan Andes


Rootstand has performed in 30 states over the years and played a host of summer festivals working with both larger national bands and smaller regional acts to create dynamic and sustainable performances. Their tours and festival performances in Michigan, including its own Rootenanny event in northern Michigan are literally legendary, and generations of folks young and old, consider themselves fans and friends.

Combining hoedown rhythms with blues-driven solos, Rootstand is an equal-opportunity employer of musical styles. The band utilizes just about any form of roots music you can imagine-bluegrass, country blues, Celtic Folk,-as well as urban styles with grassroots origins- such as hip-hop or reggae. The elements as diverse as Irish reels and dancehall reggae mingle comfortably alongside country blues and bluegrass, murder ballads and high-lonesome harmonies.


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