Rickett Pass

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Rickett Pass
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Background Information




Bluegrass, Folk, Punk

Years Active

2010 - Present


Mason Tinsley - lead vocals, banjo, guitar
Joe Vega - mandolin, backup vocals
Tim Vee - upright bass, backup vocals
Dallas Cooper - guitar, backup vocals

Former Members

Matt Hicks, Mike Tinsley, Ted Whitman


Bluegrass-Punk-Folk Artists Rickett Pass have stunned audiences with their outrageous stage shows and left them screaming for more. This isn’t morning music and these aren’t songs for a sunny day. It’s iron stoves in shacks and ash trays in smoky bar-rooms. It’s missing teeth and chewing tobacco. It’s coming up a bit short when it’s time to pay your tab and waking up drunk with a long day at the factory ahead.

Band members thrive on originality, both in their sound and in their traditions.

If you've ever heard of “bluegrass terrorism”, It’s the band’s term for when members make an appearance at a show with their instruments and just start playing. There’s a catch, though — it’s not their show. Instead, they group together in front of a bar and use their music to reel in a crowd that’s hungry for a good time.

Rickett Pass demonstrating bluegrass terrorism at PJ's Lagerhouse



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