Reginald Hawkins

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Reginald Hawkins
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Pop, House, Jazz, R&B, Dance

Years Active

2019 - Present


Reginald Hawkins began his journey into music at a very young age. From the age of four years old he had been preforming and singing in front of small audiences. As he grew older, he took part in school musicals and talents shows. He started writing music seriously in eighth grade sometimes writing dozens of songs a week. Hawkins began to further undertake music as a career in high school (Berkley High School) where he began to write and create music thru jam sessions with his friends. He gained a deeper lover for jazz and house music and began to develop his own sound. He wrote and performed his first song at a school pageant and the was praise from the crowd. This helped to ignite a passion for music. He spent high school creating music, but he didn’t release anything projects until he started college at Wayne State University in Detroit. Here he maneuvered his way thru a music scene and in Spring of 2019 on his nineteenth birthday he releases his first project entitled “Playing for Keeps” which highlighted his heartbreak as a LGBTQ teen who was growing up. Following that project, he released his second single “Do Not Disturb” and has since continued to work on more projects.



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