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The Rec Bowl
Rec Bowl Logo.png
Established Over 100 years ago
Address 40 Crocker Blvd
City Mount Clemens
State Michigan
Zip Code 48043
Phone (586) 468-7746
Monday - Saturday 10:00am - 2:00am


The Recreation Bowl or Rec Bowl as most know it, is a landmark destination for burgers, bowling and LIVE entertainment in Mt. Clemens, Michigan.
Rumored to have been in business for over 100 years, The Rec has undergone many changes since opening. Throughout its history, The Rec has been owned by five different families. The Fox Family has owned and run the business since the early 1950s when Fred Fox Sr. purchased the Rec to support his ten children and educate them through Catholic schools. All 10 of the children have worked at The Rec at some point and contributed to growing the business.
In 1972, The Rec made a bold business move and purchased a liquor license. Three years later in 1975, Fred Fox Jr., took over the business. Fred, like his father, was hardworking and a clever Fox.

Physical expansion of the venue has happened several times. The idea for the summer Rec Patio was born with a big top tent over the parking lot. The patio opened up a setting for live entertainment and room for 150 more people. Upgrades to the Rec Patio in 2012 now features a permanent overhead structure, seats over 300 guests and serves up some of the area’s finest entertainment and summer cooking. Also there's the Fredio as well,
an additional back patio area named after Fred himself. In 2001, Fred expanded by adding The Rec Room, a spacious dining area, this addition opened up refined seating for 75 more people, as well as an arena for dart leagues.

The eight-lane bowling alley is still one of the highlights of the business. Proudly exhibiting its retro mechanics and character, it hosts many parties and seasonal leagues.

Some of the Bands that play at the Rec Bowl

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