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The ReaDeal Big Band
Background Information




Big Band, Standards, Jazz, Motown

Years Active

2006 - Present



Gary Sacco - Lead Vocalist
Ray Urena - Guitar
Ibraihm Jones - Bass
Rik Mikals - Drum
John Hammer - Piano
Eric Lundquist - Alto Sax
Michelle Urena - Alto Sax
Wally Fitz - Tenor Sax
Jim Weis - Tenor Sax
Ernie Rodgers - Baritone Sax
Kevin Chreston - Trumpet 1
Mike Skrzynski -Trumpet 2
Bob Mojica - Trumpet 3
Felton Jones - Trumpet 4) Steve Fleck -Trombone 1
George Trioa - Trombone 2
Carl Horn - Trombone 3
Mark Taylor - Trombone 4
George Millsap - Trumpet/Band Arrangements


Formed in 2002 by Leo Rea, a trumpeter, the ReaDeal Band began rehearsing with 6 players and quickly grew to a full sized 17 piece big band with 5 saxes, 4 trumpets, 4 trombones, and a rhythm section including piano, bass, drums, and guitar. Their first opportunity to play in public was at Bert’s Marketplace in the Eastern Market area of Detroit, where they performed many times with several top Detroit area singers, including Gary Sacco and Joan Crawford. The band continued to perform at many venues in the metro area including clubs & outdoor park concerts.

With the passing of Leo Rea in 2012, the band members decided to continue playing the fine book of arrangemnts that Leo had assembled and began rehearsing at the Birmingham Unitarian Church in Bloomfield Hills, under the leadership first, of Wally Fitz, and later, John Hammer.


  • 2 for the Road CD (2002)


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