Random Hoax

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Random Hoax
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Background Information




Rock & Roll

Years Active

1969 - Present


Randy Koch - Drums, Vocals
Ron Quinkert - Guitar, Vocals
Glen Lundgren - Guitar, Vocals
Keith Gault - Bass, Vocals


Random Hoax is a Classic Rock band made up of four lifelong friends rocking on and off for over 40 years! The 4 of them started Random Hoax band in the summer of 1969. They played local school dances for several years then the band dissolved, They all graduated high school and went their separate ways. Fast forward 38 years and due to the illness of a childhood friend of ours, we all came in contact again. One thing led to another and the next thing your know, Random Hoax was re-born.


Randy Koch

Drums, Vocals

Randy Koch.png

Randy keeps the beat for Random Hoax on a Pearl Forum Drum set. Double ride toms, floor tom, snare and bass drum round out the kit along with a slew of Sabien cymbals.


Ron Quinkert

Guitar, Vocals

Ron Quinkert.png

Ron has three guitars to choose from during a show. A vintage Epiphone/Gibson SG, a Gibson Les Paul Traditional and a Fender Stratocaster round out his arsenal. Ron gets his sound from a Marshall JCM 2000 SDL and Marshall 1960b Half Stack, a Digitech pedal board and a Roland GR-20 guitar synthesizer


Glen Lundgren

Guitar, Vocals

Glen Lundgren.png

Glen plays either a Fender Stratocaster, an Ibanez SA Series or a Takamine Acoustic/Electric guitar through a Vintage Fender Twin Reverb. To vary his tones he utilizes a Boss ME-25 pedal board.


Keith Gault

Bass, Vocals

Keith Gault.png

Keith has five guitars in his stable to use during a show. A Rickenbacker 4003 bass, a Fender Precision bass, a Hofner Beatle bass and 2 custom made Fender Jazz bass. Keith keeps the bottom pounding through an Acoustic B200H 200 watt amp with an Acoustic B810 speaker cabinet.



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