Raisin Pickers

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The Raisin Pickers
Raisin Pickers Logo.jpg
Background Information



Years Active

1989 - Present


Folk, Bluegrass, Americana

Record Label

Fruge Records




Carol Wells Palms - bass, fiddle, vocals
Mark Palms -banjo, guitar, accordion vocals
David Mosher - mandolin, fiddle, guitar, vocals
Billy King - electric guitar

Past Members

Gary Reynolds, Evan Price, Mike Gleason, Bill Farmer, James Sneyd


The Raisin Pickers are four musicians who understand completely where traditional music comes from and the Manchester-based string band has cultivated a loyal following in the Ann Arbor area with its deft mix of rustic Appalachian music, swingy jazz, bluegrass, and some Louisiana sounds.

Matt Watroba wrote in the Ann Arbor News "Just as traditional music finds its roots in Celtic and Scottish rhythms and folds in the passion of African American songs...The Raisin Pickers have learned from the past and assimilated their strengths to arrive at a sound all their own."


Carol Wells Palms

Bass, Fiddle, Vocals

Carol Wells Palms.jpg

Carol is a classically trained bass player who captures the heart of traditional music without letting go of high musical standards.


Mark Palms

Mark Palms.jpg

Banjo, Guitar, Accordion, Vocals
Mark is a self-taught musician who chases the heritage of traditional music by studying banjo knee-to-knee with old-time legends and gathering up field recordings from Louisiana to West Africa.


David Mosher

Mandolin, Fiddle, Guitar, Vocals

David Moser.jpg

One of southeast Michigan’s most in-demand side men who carries a half-dozen instruments and follows his sense of aural aesthetics where they lead, be it writing songs, producing recordings or finding a bird in the woods by its call.


Billy King

Billy King.jpg

Billy King's versatility as a multi-genre singer-songwriter is matched by his ability on a wide range of instruments. As an engaging performer Billy delivers a high-energy sound with lightness, dynamics, and sincerity.



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