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Progression, Inc.
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Damien Crutcher


Progression, Inc.
18696 Cherrylawn St
Detroit, MI 48221


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Progression, Inc. started in 2008 is a 501c3 nonprofit. The company’s vision is to provide high quality music programs, musicians and performers to school districts and other educational institutions. Damien Crutcher, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, a classical conductor and a 20-year educator in the public school system states “My vision is to impact, inspire and empower young people using the arts.”

The Learning Express

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“The Learning Express” is a hip hop and jazz presentation targeted towards students in grades K – 6. Each presentation teaches students about different subjects including science, math, English, history, and music. Its purpose is to provide students with a fun, educational, and interactive presentation; expose them to high quality instrumental and vocal music; and to showcase positive role models who care about education and are dedicated to their craft. The students are led through a script that teaches them about each subject, defines key vocabulary words, and then learn songs with catchy hooks that cover the basics of the presentation. You will find “The Learning Express” to be a positive, entertaining, and educational program that is sure to get your students excited about learning!


  • The Scientific Method – This program defines key steps in scientific reasoning and gives students a chance to apply what they’ve learned by conducting an experiment.
  • Public Safety – A collection songs that deal with being safe while riding your bike, staying away from drugs and its influences and being aware of traffic while walking to and from school.
  • Going Green – This presentation deals with recycling and keeping the environment clean, preserving air quality and reducing pollution and how we can control how much greenhouse gases we release into the atmosphere.
  • Who is Dr. Seuss – Students will learn about the great author Theodor Seuss Geisel. “Who is Dr. Seuss” brings stories from his most popular books to life with fun and new songs for kids to sing along.
  • I Got HAVE Somethin(G) To Say – Based on the Six + 1 Traits of Writing. Teachers use this approach to assess student writing while improving writing skills and clarifying instruction
  • Forms of Life – Teaches the classifications of organisms, basic needs of life and the function of body systems.
  • Hip Hop Astronomy – “Hip Hop Astronomy” will teach about constellations, the solar system, the seasons and other important facts about astronomy.
  • Hydrologic Cycle – Presentation describes the continuous movement of water on, above and below the surface of the Earth in all of its forms.


AAA which stands for “Academic Achievement using the Arts” primary goal is to provide youth with a positive, engaging, and life changing program dedicated to the betterment of their community. The camp will engage students in the study of music, film, dance and visual arts, concluding with a multimedia concert showcasing their talents. With combined efforts of outreach, social education and artistic instruction, this program will serve as the impetus for a cultural renaissance in our youth. The camp will have Music Performance, Music Composition, Hip Hop Instruction, Film, Dance and Visual Arts. In addition to cultivating a wide range of artistic disciplines, this program will also teach students the importance of investing into the development of their community.

Arts Exploration

Our Arts Exploration program is designed to expose students to local and national musicians. The value and benefit to music programs:

​Builds partnerships between schools and professional artist organizations.
​Supplements material currently taught in the classroom.
​Brings visibility and PR to the school.
Gives students real world experiences beyond the classroom.
Students meet, work and collaborate with professional musicians.
Students perform at a higher level.
Causes students to appreciate their craft
​Progression has at our disposal some of this areas best Classical, Jazz, and R&B performers, and teachers. Progression’s Arts Exploration program in the Inkster School District played a vital role in Inkster Schools meeting the criteria as part of the U.S. Department of Education’s Arts in Education Model Development Grant. Progression Inc., will continue its arts exploration in the Inkster Schools and in addition will develop programs for Henderson Academy, a Detroit Public School and other schools within DPS.


  • Damien Crutcher, Chief Executive Officer    
  • Frederick Crutcher, Chief Operations Officer
  • Kris Johnson, Artistic Director – The Learning Express
  • Ozay Moore, Artistic Director – The Learning Express
  • Darrell Campbell, The Learning Express     
  • Nate Winn, The Learning Express                 
  • Jon Dixon,
    The Learning Express                             
  • Marcus Elliot, The Learning Express                         
  • Thomas Butler, Dance Instructor                              
  • Alonzo Walker, Dance Instructor                                           

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