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Power Play
Power Play Logo.jpg
Putting The Class In Classic Rock
Background Information




Classic Rock

Years Active

2008 - Present


Mike Smith - Guitar, vocals
April Hudson - Vocals
Gary Kosten - Bass and vocals
Bob Olds - Drums and vocals

Past Members

Mario Resto, Dave Tatro




Power Play Detroit is a live cover band, dedicated to playing the most classic music of our time. Combining years of experience with youthful enthusiasm, watching Power Play Detroit preform is more like a 70's Rock Show. They don't just stand their and play, there is a lot of movement and Mike even plays the guitar behind his back.


Mike Smith

Mike Smith.jpg

As the leader of several of Detroit’s top bands, Michael has shared the stage with many national acts. Possessing a sound and style that embodies the traditions of classic blues, while also embracing the fire and flash of rock ‘n roll, he has crafted a style uniquely his own.

Playing thousands of live gigs and dozens of sessions, his passion and level of experience are unparalleled. He has a commanding stage presence, delighting audiences with his outrageous guitar playing skills…. a consummate professional and total showman who’s live performance must be seen to be fully appreciated.


April Hudson

April Hudson.jpg

April developed a love of music at an early age, but didn’t start her singing career until after high school. A friend dared her to enter a local singing competition where she won first place.

Known for her powerful, blues-inspired vocals, she’s developed a reputation as a ballsy, tough-talking girl with a forceful, gutsy singing style. A dynamic, bluesy rock singer with a heartfelt passion, she has a talent and style that amazes audiences everywhere.


Gary Kosten

Gary Kosten.jpg

Gary began his bass playing career at the age of 13. He played on his first album at the age of 21. After playing in many local bands with some of the areas most prominent musicians, Gary became a staple on the local music scene.

A long time 5-string player, he brings a thunderous dynamic low end to Michigan's Premier Rockshow.


Bob Olds

Bob Olds.jpg

Bob's the newest member of the band, joining in January 2017 after playing for almost 3 years with Country Artist Tanya Marie Harris.



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