Paper Covers Rock

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Paper Covers Rock
Paper Covers Rock Logo.jpg
Background Information





Years Active

2013 - Present


Pat Hood' - Lead Vocals, Guitar David Heinrich - Lead Guitar, Vocals Phill Hood - Drums, Vocals Dan Vigneau - Bass


Paper is a cover band from Detroit made up of 4 very talented individuals Patrick Hood (lead vocals, guitar), Dan Vigneau (bass guitar, vocals), Dave Heinrich (lead guitar, vocals), and Phil Hood (drums, vocals), who bring a great level of enthusiasm and energy to the room.

They have a fascination with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Their Facebook page states "Hello, We are Paper! We like to cover the 90's Rock." and most of the photos they post have the head of Dwayne Johnson on them.

Paper Covers Rock
Top Row - Dan Vigneau, Phill Hood
Bottom Row - Patrick Hood, David Heinrich

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