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The Painted Lady Lounge
The Painted Lady Lounge.jpg
Background Information






2930 Jacob St
Hamtramck, MI 48212


(313) 874-2991


Sunday noon-2am
Monday 6 pm-2am
Tuesday 6 pm-2am
Wednesday 4pm-2am
Thursday 4pm-2am
Friday 4 pm-2am
Saturday noon-2am



The Painted Lady is a neighborhood dive bar in Hamtramck, hidden off Joseph Campau on Jacob Street.

You used to walked through an alley to get in through a side door but several years ago the building next door was torn down and the space is now parking.

The Painted Lady is in the building that used to be the legendary punk venue Lili's 21 which closed in 2002. Keeping in that Lili's 21 tradition, the Painted lady also has Punk & Indie bands on many a weekend.
Ignoring the Smoking ban enacted in Michigan in 2011, Patrons openly light up and smoke inside the bar.

A review on Yelp says it best...

The Painted Lady has everything you would want in a dive bar: indoor smoking, dim lighting, lots of character, reasonably priced drinks, hit or miss bands, a juke box, and a pool table. There are even a couple of arcade games (one of them is Pacman, if I'm not mistaken)

There's a front entrance that is only for bands, and a side entrance for patrons, so sorting the regulars from the newbies is easy(funny) when you see people walk right up, hesitate, look around and then shuffle into the parking lot behind someone who knows where they are going.

The bartenders are friendly, funny, and tattooed. The whole place is a delight for the eye, with stickers and scribbles all over the place in the bathroom, and posters/flyers of previous bands on the walls in the main room. There's even a projector to play movies in the background.

Even though you'll leave reeking of smoke, at least you won't have to worry about weak drinks. Ignore how seedy the surrounding neighborhood looks and go there!

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