Off The Cuff

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Off The Cuff
Off The Cuff Logo.jpg
Background Information




Classic Rock

Years Active

1999- Present

Full-Time Members

Jim Kish Sr. - Guitar, Vocals, Bass
Jim Kish Jr. - Guitar, Drums, Vocals
Nick Kish - Bass, Keyboards, Drums
Gerry Tebbe - Bass/Vocals

Other Members

Johnny Schreffler - Guitar, Vocals, Drums
Paul Higle - Vocals, Harmonica
Pat Prater - Bass, Vocals
Joel Hill - Drums


Off The Cuff is a Family classic rock band with the core consisting of father Jim Kish, sons Jim Kish Jr. and Nick Kish. They play a wide range of tunes dating as far back as the 1950's up through 2012. Off The Cuff's main joy is to play a requested song they have never played before and still pulling it off whether its just a verse and a chorus, or the entire song.

L-R Nick Kish, Jim Kish Jr., Jim Kish

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