North Oakland Dixieland Band

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North Oakland Dixieland Band
North Oakland Dixieland Band Logo.jpg
Background Information


Lake Orion


Traditional Jazz and Swing

Years Active

2009 - Present


George Sinnott - Saxophone
Nancy Leipold - Banjo
Kris Libstaff - Piano
Sara Adams - Trombone
Eric Kozlowski - Trumpet
Jack Slater - Clarinet
Tom Alport - Trombone
Joe Culliffo - Drums
Tony Ferrante - Tuba
Mike Ulrich - Guitar
Ernie May - Banjo



North Oakland Dixieland Band L-R
George Sinnott, Jack Slater, Ernie May, Eric Kozlowski, David Lasko, Tom Alport, Nancy Leipold, Kris Libstaff, Sara Adams, Mike Ulrich

The North Oakland Dixieland Band is an "Outreach" group for the much larger North Oakland Concert Band, an 85 piece band that performs at much larger venues. The North Oakland Dixieland Band specializes in both "Traditional Jazz" and Swing music from the years 1900 to 1960. We are located in Lake Orion, Michigan and will travel throughout the state to perform. The band is composed of a four horn front line consisting of Clarinet, Cornet, Tenor Sax and Trombone. The rhythm Section includes Piano, Tuba, Banjo, Guitar and Drums. This combination of instruments, plus the musicians ability to double on various instruments gives them the opportunity to perform various styles of music and vocals from the Traditional Jazz era.


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