Nite Shift

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Nite Shift
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Background Information




Jazz, Blues

Years Active

2014 - Present


Beverly Kim Coker - Vocals, Flute
Dwight Kish - Bass
Dan Bourquin - Drums
Dan Smalley - Keyboards, Guitar
Eric Krasity - Guitar, Flugelhorn


Nite Shift is a collaboration of several highly experienced and multi-faceted Detroit area musicians who have been performing together for over ten years. The group's lineup consists of a solid jazz rhythm section with guitar, bass, and drums; superbly complemented with vocals, keyboard, trumpet, and flute as called for by the song. Nite Shift's inspiration is drawn from time-honored standards, Pop hits, R&B and rock. They season these classics with their own influences and personal interpretations and lovingly transform them into their own eclectic, funky, jazz-fusion mix.

Nite Shift
Top Row - Dwight Kish, Dan Bourquin
Middle - Eric Krasity
Bottom Row - Dan Bourquin, Beverly Kim Coker

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