Nick Adams and the Aral Sea Divers

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Nick Adams and the Aral Sea Divers
Nick Adams and the Aral Sea Divers Logo.png
Background Information


Ann Arbor


Swing, Jazz

Years Active

2014 - Present

Current Members

Aaron Corte O'Brien - Guitar, Vocals
Audra Anderson - Clarinet, Vocals
Roscoe Schieler - Trombone
Zach Ott - Drums
Lucas LaFave - Bass
Aaron Jonah Lewis - Violin

Past Members

Terry Kimura, Anthony Flores, Andrew Struve, Phil Kessel


Nick Adams and the Aral Sea Divers L-R: Roscoe Schieler, Audra Anderson, Lucas LaFave, Aaron Corte O'Brien, Zach Ott, Aaron Jonah Lewis

Nick Adams and the Aral Sea Divers originated between university students in the Upper Peninsula, taking the spirit of Hemingway’s fictional character, adventurer and yooper “Nick Adams” as an elusive member of the group. Founded by Aaron Corte O’Brien and Audra Anderson. Playing a lively blend of roaring 20s-era jazz, when classical and military musical traditions were infused with fresh and exciting African American energy. A special moment in American history, a blending of aesthetic but rigid European styles with new raw energy, adding just the right amount of danger to the mix. The Aral Sea Divers have been reviving that original balance of orchestration and improvisation through traditional, and inventive, approaches to jazz standards.


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