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Nancy Whiskey
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2644 Harrison St
Detroit, MI 48216


(313) 962-4247


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Established in 1902, Nancy Whiskey has been a Corktown mainstay for many years. Surviving through the Prohibition (once had its own speak easy!) and a devastating fire in 2009, the building still stands tall, and continues to hold one of the oldest liquor licenses in Detroit (that's over 114 years!).
Only a two minute drive from the Motor City Casino, this classic pub is where it's at for having a drink, and grabbing a bite to eat. Always open for Lions, Tigers, or Wings games, Nancy Whiskey is a great place to catch all of the Motown events. Speaking of events, Nancy Whiskey throws some of the best parties in Corktown. If you haven't been to their St. Patricks Parade Day, St. Patty's Day or 4th of July celebrations, They invite you to join in the festivities!
They feature Live Blues Music on Friday and Saturday nights. Showcasing some of the Best Local Bands Big Ray and the Motor City Kings, The Alligators, David Gerald Band, Chris Canas Band, Cee Cee Collins and More!

Digby, the name of the owner who operated a general store at the address when it first opened in 1898 is still tiled into the concrete at the entrance.

Digby name at the front door of Nancy Whiskey
Nancy McNiven-Glenn, the prior owner and namesake, bought the bar in 1987. Photos of her as a teen and as an older woman are still on display above the bar.
Nancy McNiven-Glenn on a horse inside Nancy Whiskey

In 2014 Nancy Whiskey garnered national attention after being featured in a Long John Silver's commercial lauding the bar's fried fish, which spawned a weekly Friday fish fry.

Nancy Whiskey's Facebook page

The Nancy Whiskey's Facebook page has become Very Popular!
Their Facebook administrator engages their followers not with just the same "Old" Here's who's playing this weekend.
But with Interesting Tidbits & Fact's about Everything, including, Corktown, Detroit, Sport's teams & just plain Off the Wall Posts! This posting strategy has grown Nancy Whiskey's Facebook to over 13,000+ likes when it was just over 1000 back in 2012.

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