Motor City Josh & the Big 3

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Motor City Josh & the Big 3
Motor City Josh & the Big 3 Logo.jpg
Funky Blues You Can’t Refuse
Background Information


Harrison Township



Years Active

1984 - Present


Josh Ford - Guitar, Vocals
John Rhoades - Guitar
Chris Smith - Bass
Todd Glass - Drums

Past Members

Alex Lyon, Eric Savage, Sean Harris, Justin Hedley, Joe Neeley, Matt Kelly, Chris Douglas, Caleb Ford, Damien Lewis, Dustin Sargent, Dave Dionise, Jimmy Blues, Jo-Jo Moceri


Josh Ford aka Motor City Josh

Led by founder and front man Josh Ford, Motor City Josh started as a full time Blues musician back in 1991 with The Curtis Sumter Project. Then went on to form Motor City Josh & The Big 3 in 1994. Over the years, Josh has performed around the U.S. and Europe and has released nine recordings with over 100,000 copies sold.

The band and Josh went on hiatus for several years when Josh opened the Sound Shop Studio in 2011. By 2017 he started playing with other groups and announced on his Facebook page in August 2019 that Motor City Josh & the Big 3 would be preforming every Monday night at the Blue Goose Inn starting in October.

Motor City Josh & the Big 3 L-R: Todd Glass, Josh Ford, Chris Smith and Johnny Rhoades


CD's/Digital downloads:

Other Compilations:

  • Not Another 14 (7/2006) songs "Detroit Michigan", "I Live the Blues", "Skillet" Apple Music
  • Uncut Detroit: Live Blues In the Night (1990) song "Someone Else Is Getting That Good Thing" Apple Music


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