Mark Whalen and the Buttermilk Boys

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Mark Whalen and the Buttermilk Boys
Mark Whalen and the Buttermilk Boys Logo.jpg
Background Information




Indie Rock, Funk, Jazz

Years Active

2016 - Present



Mark Whalen - guitar and vocals
Max Bourgeois - bass
Colon Takata - guitar
Malcolm Mosley
Ben Baird - drums


From WSU South End Newspaper

Mark Whalen and the Buttermilk Boys From L-R Ben Baird, Colon Takata, Mark Whalen, Max Bourgeois, Malcolm Mosley

Mark Whalen has been writing songs since he was 14. In 2016 while attending Wayne State University he met the other members who are now in the band. The birth of Mark Whalen and the Buttermilk Boys’s funky name is a mystery to himself and may have been lost to time. “I don’t really know how we came up with the Buttermilk Boys, but at the time, we were making these rap songs. They were so ridiculous and over the top,” Whalen said. “None of us can actually rap — except for one band member who is actually a rapper. So, we were making these raps as a joke and we called ourselves The Buttermilk Boys. We were rapping about, like, pancakes and ranch.”

While Whalen describes the band’s music as indie rock, they experiment with other genres “Our last project was pretty simple indie rock,” Whalen said. “I think that this next album is more synth-based. I try to venture out and make different sounding songs. Some are a little funkier, some more groovy.


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