Liz & the Luckouts

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Liz & the Luckouts
Background Information




Rock & Roll

Years Active

2007 - Present

Record Label

Luckout Records


Liz Scaris - Vocals & Guitar
Gretchen Domin- Bass
Dan Durecki- Drums


Liz & the Luckouts: L-R Liz Scaris, Dan Durecki, Gretchen Domin

The Luckouts formed in June of 2007, with Liz Scaris- taking a stab at lead vocals for the first time ever and playing some lead/rhythm guitar, she played Bass Guitar with "The Ruiners" for 8 years & has been influenced by female musicians such as Suzi Quatro, Joan Jett, & Lita Ford. Liz wanted to give her song writing and vocals a try so she found seasoned Drummer Jim Faulkner and bassist Matt Harbison, they played as a 3-piece and wrote songs down in the basement until they got lead guitar player Gary Chechak in Sept 2008, he brought in his great song writing ability with him .In April of 2011 Matt left the band and on May 20, 2011 the Luckouts did their first show with new bassist Gretchen Domino...she too is a seasoned musician that played with bands such as "Huntress" "Spat" and many others. Gretchen( Fancy Pants) has a signature style of playing. In early 2013, Jim and Gary parted amicably to devote time to ongoing personal projects and new drummer Dan Durecki Luckily answered Liz's ad searching for replacements. Dan is a powerhouse drummer with some serious chops, and has played with some notable Detroit icons such as Bootsey X & The Lovemasters, The Luddites, and Jill Jack to name but a few.


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