Leland City Club

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Leland City Club
CityClub Logo.jpg
Detroit's Most Famous Industrial Nightclub
Background Information



Title row 2

Industrial Dance Club


The Leland Hotel


400 Bagley Ave
Detroit, MI 48226


(313) 962-2300


Friday, Saturday
10:30 pm - 4:30 am




Leland City Club is Detroit's original alternative night club and have served Detroit's underground since 1983! There is a full bar, a huge dance floor with a powerful sound system, and a lounge area for conversation.Spinning the best mix of Industrial, Goth, EBM, Dark Retro and Alternative, Leland City Club is a high energy, yet comfortable place to hang out and meet interesting people.


Once a 4 star hotel and restaurant, the Detroit Leland Hotel opened in 1927. There is much history in this historic building. Hangout to the notorious mob the Purple Gang and getaway for Jimmy Hoffa, when Jimmy Hoffa disapeared all those years ago, The Leland was the first place they went to look for him.

Leland Hotel.jpg
The hotel itself is rumored to be haunted with the victims of many murders and disappearances that have happened over the years. Four people died building "The Leland". And, there have been rumors of 15 suicides on top of the building. Famous haunts in the building are often spotted on the 4th floor, the part of the hotel that was Jimmy Hoffa's own personal getaway. Other notable spirits include the white lady of the basement, sometimes spotted in the bathrooms peering at the dancing people in the hotel's other night club, the Labyrinth.

Back in the day, what is now City Club was the lush ballroom of the hotel. Many upscale and famous parties took place there. Mobsters and the uppercut of Detroit partied the night away in the hard wood floored ballroom. Full banquets, lounge singers and casino nights were all part of this rich and lavish history.

In 1980, Mike Higgins bought the Leland House hotel. Legendary Detroit scenester/punk-rock businessman Stirling approached Higgins and pitched the idea of a goth/New Wave/punk club. in 1983 the Liedernacht, which means “night song” in German, was born. One of Stirling’s first tasks was to hire DJs; among them was an unknown from Belleville who garnered a Saturday night residency. That unknown from Belleville was Derrick May, now a internationally renowned superstar and the 2003/2004 director Detroit Electronic Music Festival now called Movement Electronic Music Festival.

Liedernacht was an instant phenomenon. John Waters’ darling drag queen Divine performed live there.

Stirling left the club in 1985 to pursue other projects, and the Liedernacht was rechristened the Leland City Club. Gradually, the format shifted to primarily industrial music.

The club has seen many famous DJ's and famous rockstars come to the legendary City Club. Some that have been spotted where Skinny Puppy, Depeche Mode, the Beastie Boys, Smashing Pumpkins, Public Enemy, Rob Zombie, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson. U2 was supposed to show up in ’85, but the line was so long the members turned around and left.

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