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Lac La Belle
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Background Information




Americana, Folk

Years Active

2008 - Present

Record Label

Double Lot


Jennie Knaggs
Nick Schillace



Lac La Belle is an acoustic duo from Detroit, Michigan, made up of multi-instrumentalists and songwriters Jennie Knaggs & Nick Schillace. Influenced by early Americana, the music of Lac La Belle seamlessly blends history with the present, to create stories that capture the human experience. Lac La Belle juxtapose the early decades of recorded rural American music with decaying Rustbelt aesthetic. With accordion, mandolin, banjo, ukulele, and resonator guitar, their instrumentation echos another era, but is employed for a music of now.


Jennie Knaggs

Jennie Knaggs.jpg

Jennie Knaggs mined folk music first hand, playing with musicians of Appalachia during her advocacy work in the region. She is the 2000 Hollerin’ Champion of Wise Co., Virginia and Letcher Co., Kentucky, has studied opera and has toured Europe and the US in various vocal ensembles. She continues to sing with Odu Afrobeat Orchestra, composes and performs in a microtonal duo with pianist Clem Fortuna, and teaches voice privately and in workshops. Knaggs is a principal vocalist in Matthew Barney and Jonathan Bepler’s new film, “River of Fundament”, which features several of her original compositions, including “The Hovering of the Khu” and “The Ballad of the Bullfighter”..


Nick Schillace

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Nick Schillace is recognized as a solo instrumentalist who has contributed to the American Primitive guitar canon with his releases Box Canyon (2005) and Landscape and People (2008.) Raised by folk and blues enthusiasts, he acquired early training at Augusta Heritage in Elkins, West Virginia. Other recent work includes tenor guitar in Odu Afrobeat Orchestra, and tenor banjo in the Dixieland group Detroit Pleasure Society. Schillace has toured and performed with other fingerpicking greats, including Bert Jansch, Peter Lang, Jack Rose, Peter Walker, Keenan Lawler, Eric Carbonara and Glenn Jones. Considered an authority on early 20th century American fingerpicking guitar styles, Nick is sought after as an instructor both privately and in workshop settings, and is the owner of Orion Music Studio in Lake Orion, Michigan.



CD's/Digital downloads:

  • A Friend Too Long (2014)
  • Bring on the Light (2012)
  • Bring on the Light(EP) (2011)
  • Lac La Belle (2009)

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Media Quotes

"This is a wonderful nu folk duo that knows how to shake off the dust and the stigma to serve up an incredibly hot session that leaves you looking forward to the next one. Well done."
Chris Spector - Midwest Record

Detroit, where the garage rock and noise groups go to breed, is not known for its Americana, folk or country music, but maybe it should be. Lac La Belle’s 10-song collection is fun, it's real, it's a little technical, and gets to the core of American music.
Josh Humphries - The Daily Reflector , Greenville NC

"Lac La Belle's old-timey revival music is distinctive in that, rather than providing a contemporary twist on music using throwback instrumentation, the band's sound is straight out of early Americana. Knaggs provides warbling vocals and yodels, and her backing band -- Nick Schillace and Joel Peterson, both well-known musicians in their own right -- holds down a startlingly authentic old-time country sound."
Andy Mulkerin - Pittsburgh City Paper

"Lac La Belle plays old-school swinging Western, country and backwoods Americana. Comprised of Detroit's most talented musicians — multi-instrumentalists and music aficionados Nick Schillace and the owner of that sweet and plaintive warble, Jennie Knaggs — Lac La Belle play pitch-perfect originals in synch with the old-timey classics that are also included in their repertoire."
Megan O’ Neal - Detroit Metro Times

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