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Photo by Noah Elliott Morrison
Background Information




psychedelic surf-rock

Years Active

2015 - Present


The Void (Cassidy Stewart) - Guitar
Leyline (Anastasiya Metesheva)- Bass
Captain Earwig (Eric Wilson) - Guitar
Solar Scum (Michelle Thibodeau) - Drums


Krillin is not a normal band and really from Detroit. Krillin as the story goes were sentenced to life in solitary confinement at a high security disciplinary penitentiary in the deep desolate space of a dark star cluster. After numerous attempts they eventually broke out and hijacked a spacecraft “for a grand getaway” They crash landed on the The Pink Moon and began scavenging supplies and information for their next heist. Their hunt took them to ancient treasures hidden in the palace of Princess Demanda and Prince Negligence (who were, soon to be married and crowned King/Queen of the Pink Moon). Disguising themselves as the wedding band to infiltrate the wedding reception for Demanda and Negligence’s all to find treasure.

The story of Krillin has evolved far beyond a wedding band.

Read Jeff Milo's Deep Cutz Blog for the complete story. Krillin


Info from Deep Cutz Blog, Photos by Noah Elliott Morrison

The Void

Cassidy Stewart.jpg

The Void guitarist of Krillin is a possessed parasitic life form currently residing in the body of a interstellar beast called the Murder Bird. A bored spirit from the underworld he's here to make mischief and find a stronger body to host.



Anastasiya Metesheva.jpg

Leyline bassist of Krillin is the last known alien species of her kind on the run from the space government which plans to experiment and use her power. Joined the crew to hideout from the law, she possess control of different elements as well as an ability to open portals to different dimensions in space time.


Captain Earwig Twitch

Eric Wilson.jpg

Captain Earwig Twitch guitarist of Krillin pilots the ship. His body adapts to his environment and periodically twitches, glitching out and causing random transformations to his limbs. Beware of his venomous pinsers, razor sharp wings and ultrasonic screech!


Solar Scum

Michelle Thibodeau.jpg

Solar Scum the drummer of Krillin is a cat humanoid assassin from the cat eye Nebula. She specializes in close combat weaponry such as knives, swords, axes as well as ancient dark magic passed down by her feline ancestors.



CD's/Digital downloads:


  • Surf 'n' Burn (2017) Bandcamp
  • (​(​(​Hive Mind​)​)​) (2017) Bandcamp


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