Kenny Kens and The Brown Bottle Boys

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Kenny Kens and The Brown Bottle Boys
Kenny Kens Logo.png
Background Information


Waterford Township, MI



Years Active

2015 - Present


Ghettobilly Records



Kenny Kens - Vocals, Guitar
Brian Coogan - Lead Guitar, Vocals) Steve Wyse - Upright Bass
Juan Carlos - Drums
Billy Cole - Pedal Steel


Kenny Kens first broke onto the music scene in 2003 forming The Cash Creek Band, and has enjoyed a cult following returning country music back to it's roots ever since. After moving down to Austin TX in 2013, Kenny Kens returned back to Detroit MI and retooled the band forming The Brown Bottle Boys. Soaking in all the honky tonk’s and dancehalls down in Austin, the music moved from a more Americana type of sound to steel guitar infused traditional country. Kenny Kens & The Brown Bottle Boys started writing and recording their own songs, and the formula worked! After performing their own sets of original honky tonk music all over Michigan, they hit the ground running and recorded their own full length album entitled “What The Hell Happened To Country?” released on the Ghettobilly label in 2016.

Not conforming to the latest craze of hip hop- or pop-country, Kenny Kens is bringing the music home to where it should be. He explains it like this: “I grew up watching my family pick and sing in rural Kentucky: all those songs about pain, heartache, love, and loss. That music was as real to me as this chair I’m sittin’ in. Now, I’m almost ashamed to say I play country music. There’s no feel and no substance to it nowadays. I wanna make music that people can relate to. Not retro, but my own music that honors the great traditions of Haggard, Hank and George Jones.”


Kenny Kens

Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar

Kenny Kens.png
Kenny is the driving force of the Brown Bottle Boys. Drawing from his rural Kentucky roots, there’s nothing phony about this guy. His music is heart-felt, 100% honest to God country!
One highlight from Kenny’s career was performing in and around Austin, and opening a show for Dale Watson in Luckenbach Texas. A singer and a songwriter, his CD titled “What The Hell Happened to Country” which is a collection of his own songs. It channels country hero greats such as Ernest Tubb and Merle Haggard to create an overall project that is just as original as it is traditional.


Brian Coogan

Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals

Brian Coogan.png

Brian is a full-time professional musician/guitarist who also works as a record producer and sound engineer at Flavor Studio’s in Waterford MI. As well as fronting his own band Pure Flavor, he has been the lead guitar player for The Brown Bottle Boys dating back to the days when they were the Cash Creek Band. Bringing an uncanny ear and technical ability, his flavorful licks and unique style are the perfect complement to the sound that keeps the music country.


Juan Carlos


Juan Carlos.png

Juan Carlos is a well-known and talented drummer who is solid, and able to play a variety of styles very well. Juan has worked with many of the well-respected musicians in the Detroit area, and even a few who are not so well respected. Whether it’s a two-step, waltz or a country shuffle, there’s no mistaking his solid drumming that keeps the people dancing.


Steve Wyse

Upright Bass/Backing Vocals

Steve Wyse.png

Playing the doghouse bass and singing harmony is Steve Wyse. A native of Tecumseh MI, Steve cut his teeth as a musician in Lenawee County. He’s been slapping his bass like it owes him money for the last 8 years but played guitar and sang long before that. He’s performed shows up and down the east coast from Baltimore MD to Charleston SC with a band out of Richmond Virginia, and has performed twice at Tootsies in Nashville TN.


Billy Cole

Pedal Steel

Billy Cole.png

Playing Steel Guitar with the Brown Bottle Boys is Billy Cole. A professional truck driver and musician out of Flint, MI. Billy plays with Kenny whenever he’s not on the road. A truly amazing Steel Guitar player, Billy has performed with country music greats such as Little Jimmy Dickens, Johnny Paycheck, and David Allen Coe. The band is always proud to share the stage with him.



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