Juke Dukes

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Juke Dukes
The Juke Dukes Logo.jpg
Background Information


Sterling Heights


Rock, Blues

Years Active

2007 - Present


Hal Iwan - Harmonica, Vocals
Ken Payne - Guitars
Mark Stewart - Guitar, Vocalss
Dave Koslosky - Drums
Phil Morgan - Bass




In 2014, five seasoned Motor City musicians got together and formed “The Juke Dukes”, a cover band who's sound is centered around early Chicago & southern Blues.


Hal Iwan

Hal Iwan.jpg

Founder & Harmonica man/Vocalist Hal Iwan, cut his blues teeth on the early stylings of such Blues purists as “Little Walter” Jacobs, & “Big Walter” Horton. Later on, he also picked up from harp men like Richard Salwitz, (Magic Dick, of J. Geils fame), George “Harmonica” Smith, and Rod Piazza. Prior to the “Dukes”, Hal worked with the “Bob Halverson Band”, & also founded “The Blues Syndicate” band, who worked in the Detroit area for several years.


Ken Payne

Ken Payne.jpg
Ken Payne started playing guitar and singing in high school with classmates playing 50’s through 70’s rock and Motown music in a band called the Heartbreakers. They graduated and played small bars, private functions, and bowling alleys around Sterling Heights and Macomb.
Ken woodshed on Chuck Berry, James Burton and, appropriate for the period, tunes from the Beatles, Eagles, Rolling Stones and Bob Seger. Playing with friends when he could Ken developed a varied and wide repertoire, loving music with a strong back beat that was easy to dance to. He still seeks that driving, train–on-the-tracks rhythm, that brings people to the dance floor and makes them remember fun times when the old rock licks flow from his guitar neck.


Mark Stewart

Mark Stewart.jpg

Guitarist/Vocalist Mark Stewart (aka:“Dallas Red Waters” ) Back in 1969, a punk suburban kid tagged along with some bandmates to The Chessmate Lounge in Detroit, MI to see and hear the mighty Muddy Waters backed by the Chicago Blues Band. Things were never quite the same. Numerous times that year and the next he returned to see the great bluesman perform and it began to affect the way the kid played his guitar. Fifteen years later, Muddy was dead, but the kid had moved to Texas and adopted the moniker “Dallas Red Waters” as a tribute to both Muddy and to his own maternal grandfather whose last name was Waters. Dallas Red has played, alone and in various bands, an aching, searing, heartfelt blues for more than 45 years. In the beginning, he played only the guitar, but his musicianship has evolved to embrace blues harp, keyboards, bass, and vocals. On stage his performance is a genuine expression of the magic of the blues performed in a small, smokey, dimly lit club with clinking glasses and laughter in the background, a testament to a long lost era.


Dave Koslosky

Dave Koslosky.jpg

Drummer Dave Koslosky began playing percussion in the elementary honors schools band in 6th grade. He soon began taking private lessons from a well known Detroit area percussionist in the early 70s. These lessons provided a good foundation on all percussion instruments such as xylophone and tympani. In Junior High school he started playing the drum set where he was influenced by the big band jazz drummer styles of Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa and Stan Levy. Although, Dave has been out of the music scene for a while he is excited to be back and part of the “Juke Dukes” – the real deal when it comes to blues!


Phil Morgan

Phil Morgan.jpg

Bassist Phil Morgan has been entertaining throughout the metro area for 35+ years playing electric 5-string and double bass---equally comfortable with, rock, blues, Jazz, or big band swing. Over the years Phil has played at some of Detroit’s best known clubs: the Chessmate, the Grande Ballroom, the Roostertail, Bakers Keyboard Lounge, and the Jazz Café. He is truly excited to be an integral part of The Juke Dukes.


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