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Creating John Kay & Who's To Say
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Background Information




Progressive Pop

Years Active

2018 - Present


Bullfighter Records



John Kay — Lead vocals, electric, acoustic guitar
Brandon McNall — Electric, acoustic guitar
Sami Mikesell — Backup vocals, piano, electric guitar
Jason Rauschenberger — Backup vocals, electric guitar
Steve Lupinski — Bass guitar
Angelo Coppola — Drums



Detroit-based musician John Kay writes, produces, and performs original, inspiring, genre-defying pop music, with a focus on positively impacting others by delivering undeniable sensory experiences with his band, John Kay & Who's To Say.

The Official John Kay & Who's To Say Fan Club Members are called "Bullfighters". To become a Bullfighter you need to signup on Patron.

It's $5 a month, but gives you access to Concert tickets, New Music, Creative Collaboration, Bullfighters receive exclusive demos and sneak peeks of new songs and provide constructive feedback before they are publicly released, which helps shape and inform their work — the fans are a key part of the creative process! Also, Bullfighters get free shipping on all merchandise purchased, Plus much More!

John also does a podcast, Get After It w/John Kay. You can download and listen to every episode for free John Kay Podcast

John Kay & Who's To Say band

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