Jessica Hernandez & the Deltas

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Jessica Hernandez & the Deltas
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Background Information


West Bloomfield


soul, pop

Years Active

2009 - Present

Record Label

Instant Records


Current Members

Jessica Hernandez – Vocals, Guitar, Keys, Percussion
The Deltas
Steve Lehane – Bass, Vocals
Taylor Pierson – Keys, Accordion, Vocals
John Raleeh – Trombone
Stephen Stetson – Drums
Colin Jensen - Drums (touring)

Past Members


Michael Krygier – Guitar, Vocals (2012-2017)
Stephen Boegehold - Drums, Bass (2010–2012)
Adam Davis - Drums (2009–2010)
Michael Higgins - Drums (2010–2011)
Nick Maher - Guitar, Keys (2009–2011)
Jake Shadik - Sax (2009–2012)
Gordon Smith - Guitar, Vocals (2011–2013)
Benjamin Sturley - Bass (2009–2013)


Jessica Hernandez & the Deltas is a Soul/Pop band from the Metro Detroit Area. Jessica Hernandez grew up in West Bloomfield and is the first-generation American daughter of a Mexican mother and Cuban father. Her parents lived above her family's restaurant before she was born, and she worked in the family's Mexicantown Bakery starting in the third grade. She sang in choirs starting in grade school and performed in theater in high school. While in college in Chicago she started singing in rock bands. By 2009, she was ready to start a band. The band name originated from the suggestion of a former drummer who had a 1987 Delta car.

On November 13, 2017 Michael Krygier guitarist and vocalist for the band tragically took his own life. Jessica and the Band stated a Gofundme Krygier Memorial Music Scholarship. Go Fund Me for the benefit of a young, talented musician that is trying to make their way. Their goal was to raise $10,000 to give as a gift / scholarship to at least one rising musical star in our surrounding communities. They have raised $10,630 as of August 2018. Michael Krygie Memorial Music Scholarship

Jessica Hernandez


CD's/Digital downloads:

Studio albums


  • Live at the Magic Bag (2009)
  • Weird Looking Women in Too Many Clothes (2010) Amazon
  • Demons (11/2013) Amazon


  • Deceptacon / Don't Take My Man to Idaho (5/2015) Amazon
  • Tired Oak (9/2014) Amazon
  • No Place Left to Hide (2014)
  • Sorry I Stole Your Man (2014)
  • Caught Up (2013)


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