Jeremy Porter & The Tucos

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Jeremy Porter & The Tucos
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rock and roll, alternative country, alternative rock, punk rock, pop rock, indie rock

Years Active

2010 - Present


Magwheel Records (Toronto 2010–11)
New Fortune Records (Detroit 2012–present)



Jeremy Porter - Guitar, Vocals, Songs
Patrick O'Harris - Bass
Gabriel Doman - Drums

Past Members

Jason Bowes


Jeremy Porter & The Tucos were formed in the Detroit suburb of Plymouth, Michigan, in November 2010 by Jeremy Porter when he needed musicians to play on a Christmas song he had written for the annual Suburban Sprawl Music Christmas Compilation. Jeremy recruited drummer and multi-instrumentalist Gabriel Doman (The Hotwalls) and bassist Jason Bowes (The OffRamps, Fidrych, Culture Bandits) to round out the trio for the recording session. 2014 saw the departure of original bassist Jason Bowes and the arrival of Patrick O'Harris (Mike Hard Show, Sons of the Gun). O'Harris quickly garnered the nickname "Patty 'Two Shoes'" for the white leather leisure shoes he wears at the band's performances.

Jeremy Porter & The Tucos Photo by Doug Coombe


Jeremy Porter

Jeremy Porter (photo Angie Papalas).jpg

Born in 1969 in Alpena, Jeremy Porter grew up in Marquette, a small town in Michigan's upper peninsula, where he was a founding member of one of the UP's first punk bands - The Regulars. He moved to Detroit and tore through the 90s and 00s fronting bands like SlugBug, The OffRamps and Fidrych (as well as a solo stint).
Jeremy started playing guitar at an early age, but became bored with the instrument and stopped playing until he was grounded for a summer for vandalizing the house of the vice principal of his junior-high school. With nothing else to pass the time, he picked up the guitar again and stuck with it.



CD's/Vinyl/Digital downloads:

  • Above The Sweet Tea Line(2015) New Fortune Records
  • Partner In Crime (2013) New Fortune Records


  • Barrel of Tears EP (2016) New Fortune Records
  • Live & Acoustic @ The Plymouth Coffee Bean EP Self Released (2012)
  • Night On The Town (2011) Magwheel Records

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  • Pretty As You Please (2016) Slimtown Singles
  • Suburban Sprawl Records Holiday Compilation (2013) song "The Most Wonderful Day Of The Year" Suburban Sprawl Records Listen
  • Suburban Sprawl Records Holiday Compilation (2012) song "Silver Bells" Suburban Sprawl Records Listen
  • Suburban Sprawl Records Holiday Compilation (2011) song "Christmas Dance" Suburban Sprawl Records Listen
  • Suburban Sprawl Records Holiday Compilation (2010) song "No Use For Christmas" Suburban Sprawl Records Listen

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