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The ILL Itches
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Background Information


Detroit, MI


Garage Rock, Punk

Years Active

2013 to Present


Jett Plastic Recordings
Grimtale Records
GranDetroit Records


Stephen Schmidt - guitar, vocals
Matt Mruzek - bass, vocals
Josh Woodcock - guitar
Matt Livengood - drums


Formed in early 2013 The ILL Itches wasted no time in establishing themselves as a captivating and unorthodox live act. Shows were as notorious for face-melting guitar rock as they were for face-drenching beer spewage of onstage. Uniting skuzzy guitars you might hear in early Stooges records with skuzzy vocals you might hear from a defrocked evangelical minister, The Ill Itches are everything that is Detroit-style garage rock. They’re fierce, raucous, and never fail to excite a crowd during their live sets. The ILL Itches play Detroit-inflected, lively, dead flower punk.

How do you describe dead flower punk? Well, you could start by imagining the The ILL Itches’ sound as, say, a tract of arable land. This magnificent horticultural expanse would be sown with choice seeds, like rapid tempos and a delightfully raunchy wit. But unlike The Black Lips, The Orwells & other avowed “flower punk” rockers, this Detroit-based quartet also augments their roots with a scalding nectar of Stooges & MC5-inspired Motor City protopunk – along with a potent sprinkling of funk.


CD's/Digital downloads:


  • Michigan Ave. Meltdown b/w Lucille" (7", Vinyl) (2014) Grimtale Records
  • Hallelujah (7", Vinyl) (2014) JPR-005 Jett Plastic Recordings


  • The Pathetic Sounds of Detroit (12" LP, Vinyl) (2014) song "Hallelujah" Find it Here


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