Horse Cave Trio

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Horse Cave Trio
Horse Cave Trio Logo.png
Background Information





Years Active

2002 - Present


Funky D Records


Ron DeVore - Vocals/Bass Guitar
Lou Simon - Guitars
Michael Stutso - Drums



The roots of the Horse Cave Trio run deep. As far back as you can trace American Music, you will find the roots of the Trio. The Horse Cave trio play what many have come to call "blues-fueled rockabilly". The band combine a lot of influences to create a sound that is totally original and yet very familiar. The Horse Cave Trio formed late in 2002 with a vision to create roots music with a Detroit edge - a straight ahead, high energy roots rock trio that would perform and record original music and remold classic tunes into something new and exciting. Ron DeVore had achieved success on the West Coast, Europe and Australia with his hard rockin' band Empty Set. DeVore, A true rockabilly devotee, was looking to form a straight-ahead rock-n-roll trio that would perform and record original roots rock. DeVore was looking to form a band that would fan his already blazing rockabilly flames. He found the perfect partner in guitarist Lou Simon, a veteran of the Detroit music scene who has recorded and performed with several well known acts, including Jimmie Bones and the Graverobbers. DeVore was looking to form a band that would fan his already blazing rockabilly flames. Put them together, and the trio creates what it likes to call Hillbilly Rock 'n' Roll, or Red Hot Rockabilly, Hi-Octane Roadhouse Blues, or Outlaw Country Rock 'n' Roll. Take your pick.

The Horse Cave Trio was named for the small town in Kentucky where DeVore's parents are from, though they moved to Ypsilanti, Michigan, in 1945. The three men have genuine pedigree. DeVore played in the band the Empty Set which released a single with the Stoogesí Ron Asheton on the Sympathy for the Record Industry label in 1992. According to DeVore, "The band went on to do two Asheton produced CD's and a sold out live show on the Sunset Strip, again with Ron, which was recorded and included on the first CD. The band did a follow-up tour of Europe which featured Michael Davis (MC5)."

Since forming, the Horse Cave Trio has performed on bills with artists and groups as prestigious and established as John Mayall, Albert Lee, Jimmie Vaughan, Kentucky Headhunters, the Marshall Tucker Band, George Thorogood, the Blasters and many more. The band has performed twice at the Kansas City Gear Grinder, twice at the Indy Road Rockets Rumble, the Rockabilly Reunion Weekender in Iowa, Benny's Biker Rally, the Grand Marais Music Festival, the Blues By The Bay festival in Tawas, and festivals local to the Detroit area like Arts, Beats & Eats, River Days, Ann Arbor Top of the Park, Downtown Hoedown, and Winterblast.


CD's/Digital downloads:

  • Dust off the Jukebox (2017) Funky D Records cdbaby
  • Forever Forever Single (2015) Find it here
  • Hart County (2011) Funky D Records cdbaby
  • I Am The Sheik EP (2010) cdbaby
  • Honeybee/Live At The Dive EP (2008) (self released)
  • Curb Service (2006) Embassy Hotel Records Find it here
  • Hot Rods, Choppers & Rock 'n' Roll (2004 Tropic) Lightning Records


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