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The Hips
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Background Information




Rock, R&B Soul, Pop, Blues

Years Active



Sarah Woodman - Vocals, Keyboard, Percussion
Billy Furman - Sax, Harp, Flute, Vocals, Percussion
Pete Woodman - Drums
Michael Martin - Guitar
Grant West - Bass

Past Members

Susie Woodman
Pete Woodman Jr.


Putting their twist to songs you know & love. The Hips are a A Rockin' Soulful, variety band, that plays numerous style of music in a very charismatic way. Fun to watch, fun to hear, and fun to hang out with, this band has something for everyone. Founded by Pete Woodman an iconic figure in the early days of rock & roll in Michigan. Pete was a founding member of The Playboys and The Bossmen, among the greatest rock bands in Saginaw history. Pete's generosity of spirit is legendary. He is able to give a knowing perspective about the Playboys, the first significant rock band in Saginaw.

Pete wanted to put together his own band, so he found a horn player, Billy Furman, who plays all the horns, flute, harmonica, and he sings lead, so he was worth a million dollars. Then he wanted my daughter Sarah to sing with him he had her on a CD. She came in and sang it. She even sang the harmony part the same day. From that day on, she stayed in the band. Today's lineup is a great. There's Sarah singing - she's my star. Billy Furman is my other singer. We'd do a Sonny and Cher routine where Billy would sing a verse, Sarah would sing a verse. When they go into the chorus, two voices are so strong, you know. My guitar player sings the third note, and so I always had three-part harmony and great arrangements, a lot of dynamics.

Early on in the band history it was more of a family affair, Susie Woodman Pete's ex played keyboards as well as his son Pete who would covers all the rap.


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