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The High Strung
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Background Information




Indie Rock, Garage Rock

Years Active

2000 - Present


Park the Van, TeePee Records, Future Farmer, New Fortune Records, Paper Thin Records



Josh Malerman
Chad Stocker
Derek Berk
Stephen Palmer
Mark Owen

Past Members

Jason "Berko" Berkowitz


The High Strung is a band from Detroit. The band is composed of lead singer and guitarist Josh Malerman, bassist Chad Stocker, and drummer Derek Berk. Malerman and Berk attended Michigan State University in the late 1990s before moving to New York City. The band formed in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, when the members of the former East Lansing, Michigan, band The Masons changed their name and added Stocker to the roster. Detroit guitarist Stephen Palmer joined the group shortly after the recording of Dragon Dicks in early 2010.

Motor City natives Mark Owen, Chad Stocker, Josh Malerman, and Derek Berk comprise the founding lineup of the High Strung, whose music borrows equally from melodic power-pop and psychedelic garage rock. Although formed during the summer of 2000, the group’s legacy stretches back to elementary school, when the latter three members became best friends at the age of 11. Once they’d entered college, the High Strung began playing shows in the Midwest while concentrating on material for a proper album. A series of EPs and the self-released LP As Is came and went, as did the High Strung’s attachment to Detroit.

While touring in 2004, they left their broken down tour bus on the steps of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, OH. The bus was adorned with a makeshift plaque reading, in part: "This is a 1988 Chevy G30 used by The High Strung. Although the odometer reads 8,621 miles, it is actually 318,621 miles."


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