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Hidden Agenda Band
Hidden Agenda Band.jpg
Detroit's Ultmate Party Band
Background Information






R&B, Jazz, Funk, Rock, Country




Larry Pinho - Guitar,Vocals
Kat Orlando - Lead Vocal & Sax, Flute, Harmonica
Marshall Allen - Lead Vocal
Rick Mickens - Bass, Vocals
David Freeman - Drums, Vocals
Jeff Campbell - Keyboards, Vocals


The Hidden Agenda Band has its own sound. The band members are all influenced by The Motown Sound, R & B and smooth Jazz. One of the strongest rhythm sections around, DC Washington and David Freeman bring strong Church rhythms to the mix. When you add that to top 40 or Funk, Rock, or even country you get a very unique sound. When Kat plays her horn with so much soul and Jeff Campbell lays down a jazz feel on top, the possibilities are endless. Larry Pinho adds “electrifying” solos to give the band it's flavor while Drummer, Dave, lays down the funky groove.

Having a male and female lead singer makes this band stand apart from the rest. Marshall Allen is the consumamate entertainer connecting with the audience as only he can. He offers various stylings of Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and Jeffery Osborn. Marshall nails the vocals of Bill Withers and Lou Rawls, so much so that the band has been accused of faking it or lip-syncing. Kat's singing is reminiscent of Chaka Khan and Aretha Franklin. Whether she sings, dances, plays the sax, flute or hamonica, the crowd is thoroughly engaged. It is very powerful when Kat and Marshall sing a duet.

The Hidden Agenda Band is totally "live" and also exciting because they are wireless. When they perform you will find yourself interacting with them and their music, singing and dancing along. If you're looking for a party band, look no further!


Larry Pinho

Larry Pinho.jpg

Larry first played guitar at twelve years old, inspired by his mother an accomplished singer and uncle an accomplished guitarist. From 1969 to 1971 - Stream of Consciousness band. From 1976 to 1978 – Northwestern Michigan College Big Band and First Impressions (combo) Band. From 1979 to 1980 – Ferris State University Jazz Big Band. From 1979 to 1981 – Pete Elie Trio, Northwest Michigan area. From 1991 to 1992 – Open Invitation Band. From 1992 to 1994 – James Greenway Duo. From 1995 to present – Hidden Agenda Band. From August 2009 to current – Stardusters Big Band, Clarkston, MI Also member of the Ferris State University Jazz Alumni Band.


Kat Orlando

Kat Orlando.jpg

A 2004 addition to Hidden Agenda, Kat’s musical contribution is the “icing on the cake”. She has truly made a living at playing music most of her life. Her resume includes performances with Joe Russell of the Persuasions, Candy Givens and Zephyr, Michael Clark of the Byrds and Matt “Guitar” Murphy. She opened for Wall of Voodoo. At a Women’s Festival in Colorado, commedian Roseanne opened for her. She fronted the Rock/R&B horn band ART-OF-FACT for nine years. Her upcoming EP is called "Should Known Better". Her previous releases are available at: katorlando.com


Marshall Allen

Marshall Allen Hidden Agenda.jpg

Marshall Allen has sung with top recording artists such as, Kim Weston, Jimmy Ruffin, and Four Tops. Marshall also sings in the Gospel Choirs at his church. He briefly performed in the Jerry Ross Band and currently on occasion performs with the Ralph Armstrong trio. He is a graduate from Spec’s Howard, a great chef and keeps the ladies coming back for more.


Rick Mickens

Rick Mickens.jpg

Rick is a self taught bassist who grew up listening to and idolizing Stanley Clarke, Jaco Pastorious, Louis Johnson and other jazz fusion Bassist. He has played for numerous bands for over 30 years. He has played in rock, fusion, blues, R&B, gospel, funk, and techno bands....He is the Founder and CEO of R.E.E Productions and currently working on a number of projects.


David Freeman

David Freeman.jpg

David Freeman brings Gospel and Hip Hop beats and MAD ENERGY! He has played music in the church all his life. He is also the Music Director for his church, teaching and playing the piano and organ. Dave has played with popular gospel and blues groups from his earlier days in Flat Rock Mi. He is also featured on "live" recordings (available in stores and on the Internet) with various artists. He is a writer and producer for his own project, a CD entitled "My Beginning" (on Mytyme records) as well as other artists. Dave has his own studio called Two Kings Productions in Pontiac Mi.


Jeff Campbell

Jeff CampbellHidden Agenda.jpg

Jeff found his passion for music at the early age of 6 watching his grandfather play the organ. His grandfather soon took him under his wings and the rest has been history. Jeff has been playing for churches since 12 and is currently the band director / keyboardist for his local church. He has played keys for various artists including: K'Jon, Angie Stone, Calvin Richardson, Slum Village, the Mary Jane Girls, Pontiacs own Inohs Sivad and many more. Jeff can pick up virtually any song by ear, and serenade you with smooth piano grooves



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