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In 1980 Hamtramck was in the depths of the worst crisis it had ever faced. The Dodge Main factory had just closed. For 70 years the factory had defined Hamtramck, providing tens of thousands of jobs and millions of dollars of revenue.

The mood of the city was grim as it faced an uncertain future. At the time, then-Mayor Robert Kozaren, with the help of a group of dedicated citizens, conceived having a huge city festival that would not only boost the spirits of the residents, but also show everyone else that Hamtramck was a tough town that could smile in the face of a crisis.

The first festival was planned for late September. It was a chilly Friday when the bands stuck up for the first time at the festival on Joseph Campau, just north of Caniff. From the start it was a huge success, with over 100,00 people attending. If there is one thing Hamtramckans know well it is how to party. But it wasn’t just for Hamtramckans. People from across the metro area came to the festival to enjoy the music, food, crafts and all manner of fun.

The following year the festival was moved up to Labor Day to take advantage of the better weather and longer holiday weekend. It also became associated with the annual Polish Day Parade on Labor Day.

  • Time: Labor Day weekend Saturday 9/1/18 - Monday 9/3/18 12:00 PM – 10:00 PM
  • Location - Downtown Hamtramck


  • Hamtramck Yacht Club Canoe Races. A competition involving push-carts that look like canoes on wheels, the race pits patrons of different bars against each other in a race down Joseph Campau.
  • Polish Day Parade: Labor Day on Joseph Campau
  • Art Fair: Artists from all over the Metro Detroit area set up a to form an Artists Alley along the main street of Joseph Campau.
  • Carnival
  • Live Music

2018 Live Music line up

Saturday North Stage Saturday South Stage
Time Act Time Act
1:30 Martez Claybren 2:00 Young Punk
2:30 Career Club 3:00 Old Empire
3:30 Girl Fight 4:00 Honeybabe
4:30 2000blue 5:00 Supercollwicked
5:30 Legume 6:00 Kesswa
6:30 Ancient Language 7:00 Sugarcoats
7:30 Double Winter 8:00 Craig Brown Band
8:30 Stef Chura 9:00 Awesom Dre
Sunday North Stage Sunday South Stage
Time Act Time Act
1:30 The Strains 2:00 The Redones
2:30 Kimball 3:00 Pokketchange
3:30 Proud Parents 4:00 Michael Hurt & the Haunted Hearts
4:30 Werewolf Jones 5:00 Danny D
5:30 [[]]Wasabi Dream
6:30 Sisters of your Sunshine Vapor 7:00 The Polish Muslims
7:30 Krillin
8:30 DJ Mike Anderson

DJ Mike Wimbush
DJ Chuck E
DJ Don Q
DJ Blayd

Monday North Stage Monday South Stage
Time Act Time Act
2:30 SLO 3:00 Poor Player
3:30 Stephaine Cox & the Blox 4:00 Drinkard Sisters
4:30 Koltray 5:00 VSTRA
5:30 Detroit 442 6:00 Mugen Hoso
6:30 J. Walker & the Crossguards 7:00 The Octopus
7:30 Wild Savages 8:00 Lu-Fuki
8:30 The Muggs 9:00 Martha Reeves & the Vandellas

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