Half Light Music

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Half Light Music
Half Light Music Logo.jpg
Background Information


Lincoln Park


Alternative, Pop, Rock

Years Active

2009 - Present


Cheyenne Goff - Vocals, Guitar
Donnie Patty - Bass
Bob Cook - Drums
Martin Yount - Lead Guitar

Past Members

Mike Glaser


Half Light Music L-R: Martin Yount, Cheyenne Goff, Donnie Patty, Bob Cook

Half Light Music’s origins can be traced back to the unfortunate and premature demise of Epic recording artist, Bliss 66. Frontman and songwriter Cheyenne Goff found himself with a growing catalog of material but lacking the right combination of players to bring the songs to life. Re-enter bassist Donnie Patty, who had shared the stage with Goff both in Bliss 66 and the Paper Street Saints, a Detroit based rock outfit that generated much local and regional success. As the cinders began to cool on that band, it just made sense for them to get back to their roots making hook oriented rock songs that folks could tap their foot and sing along to. And that is exactly what they’ve done with HLM. Along with lead guitarist Marty Yount, and drummer (& ex-‘66er’) Bob Cook , they have developed a sound that fuses rhythmic and melodic precision with Goff’s vivid and poetic lyricism; a union that enables the strong suits of each individual players’ skill set to shine.


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  • Indie Anthems: Vol​.​1 (2013) song "On The Floor" Bandcamp


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