Haley Riots

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The Haley Riots
The Haley Riots Logo.png
Background Information



Years Active

2017 - Present


Pub Rock, Motown, British Invasion, New Wave


Todd Wicks - Vocals
Brandon Malik - Bass, Backing Vocals
Paul Einhaus - Guitar, Vocals
Jim Faulkner - Drums, Backing Vocals


The Haley Riots L-R
Jim Faulkner, Brandon Malik, Todd Wicks, Paul Einhaus

The Haley Riots style is described as Pub Rock. A rock music genre that was developed in the early to mid-1970s in the United Kingdom. A back-to-basics movement which incorporated roots rock, pub rock was a reaction against expensively-recorded and produced progressive rock and flashy glam rock.

Paul Einhaus, Brandon Malik and Jim Faulkner all were in another band called The Winonas before hooking up with Todd Wicks of the Prime Ministers which Brandon Malik was also a member to form The Haley Riots.

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