Gorilla Funk Mob

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Gorilla Funk Mob
Gorllia Funk Mob Logo.jpg
Hybrid Music for the People of Earth
Background Information




Funk, Fusion, Rock, Punk, Hip Hop hybrid

Years Active

2003 - Present


Greg 'G Rock' Sanders - Bass Guitar
Tate McBroom - Drums
Pierre Anthony - Vocals
Josh MeyerGuitar
James Shelton - Keyboards


Gorilla Funk Mob represents a true rock hybrid for the 21st century. Deeply rooted in the rich history of the Motor City’s musical landscape, the music of Gorilla Funk Mob echoes the pioneers of funk, punk, rock and fusion blended into a modern sound. Each member of the band brings a unique personality and background to the table, creating a signature sonic soundscape. Originally formed by Greg ‘G Rock’ Sanders (Bass) and Tate McBroom (Drums), the Gorilla Funk Mob worked for several years in the Detroit music scene. During this time, they earned their reputation as the premier house band of Detroit Hip-Hop performing behind such artists as Slum Village, Danny Brown, Paradime (Kid Rock) and many others. Not easily pigeon-holed, Gorilla Funk Mob transitioned Hip-Hop stages to the bandstand at such legendary Detroit jazz venues as Baker’s Keyboard Lounge and Bert’s Jazz Room - regularly performing with luminaries such as Allan Barnes (The Blackbyrds) and Juma Santos (Roy Ayers, Miles Davis). Through several lineup changes, Sanders and McBroom eventually moved away from the role of house band, while crafting songs reminiscent of their roots.

During this transition, McBroom was introduced to vocalist / songwriter Anthony Marks through a family friend. After inviting Marks to the studio, the chemistry between Marks’ songwriting and the music Sanders and McBroom had been recording was instant. Shortly thereafter, guitarist Josh Meyer was recruited to complete the new lineup. McBroom had spotted Meyer performing with a local reggae band. He immediately noticed the soulfulness and dexterity of Meyer's playing, equal parts Derek Trucks, Dave Navarro & Albert Collins in his musical vocabulary. The vibe of Gorilla Funk Mob’s lends itself to the early days of Funkadelic mixed with the boundless energy of punk pioneers Death. The melodic layering of singer Anthony Marks vocals over top of the relentless attack of the Funk Mob’s musicianship creates one of a kind listening experience.


CD's/Digital downloads:

  • Project: Lyrical Initiative (2003)


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